2015 Go-Race Beast Mode TT

Race Venue

Mt. Motorcycles. Learn more about the venue and the terrain at www.mtmotorcycles.net

Race Date(s)

October 18th, 2015

Race Format

  • Test 1
    9:00 am:  Qualifying
    Each rider will run 1 qualifying lap on a short course, to determine Time Trial (rd 2) starting position.  Riders will leave the line one at a time, 20 seconds apart.  Qualifying is important, because the faster the lap, the better your starting position will be in the long lap Time Trial (Rd 2).  A faster Rd 1 qualifying time means less traffic to work through in Rd 2, and generally a better lap time. 

    Test 2
    11:00 am: Long Course Time Trial
    This is the elimination round.  Riders will begin the 12 mile Time Trial one at a time, 20 seconds apart, and race against the clock.  Riders’ starting position is determined by their Rd 1 qualifying time, fastest to slowest, and rider class has no bearing on starting position.  The 10 fastest riders from The Long Course Time Trial will advance to the final round.  Time limit for this test is 2 hrs.  Riders who do not come in under the time limit will be scored as a DNF for the event. 
    Test 3
    1:30 pm: Short Course Finale
    In this test, the 10 remaining riders will battle on a short course for 4 laps.  Riders will start simultaneously from a single row.  Dead engine start.  First rider to complete 4 laps on the short course is the overall winner of The Terra Kings Beast Mode TT.


Rider Classes

Riders will compete in one of three classes.

  • Soldier:  B riders
  • Advanced:  A and AA riders
  • Expert: Pro and Pro-Am Riders


Top 3 overall finishers, as well as the top 3 finishers in each class, will receive their award in the podium presentation.

Purse & Prizes

The race purse is $3,000.

Regardless of the class entered, all riders have an equal shot at the cash!  All you have to do is be fast enough in the tests and overall.  The purse will be split among Tests 1, 2, and 3.

Test 1: Qualifying Prize Money: $500

  • 1st     $200
  • 2nd   $125
  • 3rd    $100
  • 4th    $50
  • 5th    $25

Test 2: Long Lap TT Prize Money: $500

  • 1st   $200
  • 2nd  $125
  • 3rd   $100
  • 4th   $50
  • 5th   $25


Test 3: Short Course Prize Money: $2000

  • 1st    $850
  • 2nd   $550
  • 3rd    $300
  • 4th     $200
  • 5th     $100


Mt Motorcycles is located in the southeastern corner of West Virginia, just inside the Virginia state line.

If you are travelling from:

Points East, Southeast, and Northeast:

  • DC, Harrisonburg, Waynesboro, Richmond, Lynchburg, Martinsville. 
  • Make your way to Roanoke, VA
  • Take I-81 South to Christiansburg, Va. 
  • Catch 460 West to Rich Creek, Va. 
  • Take 219 North 16 miles to Rock Camp, West Virginia. 
  • Turn Right on Willow Bend Road. 
  • Track is ½ mile on the left.

Points South and Southwest:

  • Charlotte, Statesville, Asheville Knox, Tri Cities…make your way up I-77 to Princeton, WV. 
  • Take 460E roughly 14 miles to Rich Creek, Va. 
  • Take US219N 16 miles to Rock Camp, WV. 
  • Turn Right on Willow Bend Road.
  • Track is ½ mile on the left.

Points West, Northwest, and Due North:

  • Ky, OH, Western and Central PA.   Make your way to Beckley, WV. 
  • Travel I-77 south to Princeton, WV. 
  • Take 460E approx. 14 miles to Rich Creek, Va. 
  • Take US219N 16 miles to Rock Camp, WV. 
  • Turn right on Willow Bend Rd. 
  • Track is ½ mile on left.